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Week 44 - Bible Project Video Class

Welcome to Week 44! This session we will overview both of Paul's letters to his beloved young protege, Timothy. We'll also look at the new theme of Heaven & Earth to understand more clearly how the two connect and even overlap in Scripture. Have a great week!

Book of the Week - 1 Timothy

After false teachers had disrupted the church Timothy was working with, Paul gave Timothy encouragement and guidance for how to address these teachers and lead the church effectively. Throughout the book, we see that what a church believes will directly shape how its members live and behave.

Book of the Week - 2 Timothy

In Paul's final and most personal letter, he encourages Timothy to accept his calling and deal with corrupt teachers in the Jesus movement. The letter also reminds Timothy to maintain faith and hope in Jesus' resurrection and raise up faithful leaders who will teach the good news about Jesus.

theme of the Week -

heaven and earth

What does the Bible really teach about heaven, and what is heaven’s relationship to earth? In this video, we explore the surprising biblical viewpoint that heaven and earth were meant to overlap, and how Jesus is on a mission to bring them together once and for all.

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