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Week 47 - Bible Project Video Class

"In the Bible the word 'peace' can refer to the absence of conflict; but it also points to the presence of something better in its place." This week we'll take a deep look at my personal favorite of the Advent Word studies - Shalom, or Peace. Our overview of James will complete the week, so only two videos this time. Have a great December!

Book of the Week - james

James combines the wisdom of Jesus with the book of Proverbs in his own challenging call to live a life of devotion to God. When believers listen to and obey God's word, they show their love for him and others. Their actions match their words, and their lives are made whole and perfect.

Word Study - advent words #2

"Shalom" / Peace

Biblical peace is about wholeness or completeness, and it was brought to earth in the person of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Explore this beautiful idea and how it connects to the birth of our Savior.

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