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Uber Marketing Strategy Case Study

The paper "Analysis of Uber Marketing Strategy " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The entry of UBER into the taxi and car hire business has acted as a wake-up call to existing transport service providers. This is because of the ease with which it.

  • SWOT Analysis STRENGTH WEAKNESS • Uber has no full-time drivers. As it • The idea can be easily imitated. does not hire drivers, there are no Nothing will prevent competition from responsibilities toward employees. presenting the same.

  • ROAD AHEAD: Uber demonstrated strong revenue growth in 2018 with revenue going up from $95 million in 2014 to $11.27 billion. .. EXHIBITS: Exhibit I: Travis Kalanick’s Encounter with Uber Driver, Fawzi Kamel Exhibit II: Uber’s Consolidated Statements of Operations Exhibit III: Shame on Uber Campaign Exhibit IV: Fight for $15 Dollars Campaign

  • Let us see each one of them for Uber. 1. Product Strategy of Uber Uber has majorly 3 different services available which are- 1. Uber Ride– In this they provide transportation services through which anyone can travel to any location by booking a cab with a few clicks. The company ensures the safety and hygiene of the cabs.

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