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In any journey it's important to know where you're headed and the best way to get there; and at CF Paris we believe that the journey of following Jesus together in community is no different. Discovering your part in God's ongoing story, growing consistently to become more like Jesus and finding steadfast traveling companions all require good directions. 


That's why we designed Compass -- to give directions for your journey of "inspiring people to believe and live like the Gospel changes everything."


Compass will normally take place on the fourth Sunday of each month from around 11:45am until 1:00pm, starting right after the worship service. Attendants will gather in the Reception Room where you can meet the CF pastoral staff and enjoy lunch together while we spend time learning about:


1. Understanding the story of God in Scripture,

2. Following Jesus faithfully in community, and 

3. Engaging as part of the CF Paris church family


We want to invite you to join us this month for Compass! It's a great opportunity for us to get to know one another better as we move forward together in this journey of becoming more like Jesus. And if you can't make it this time, join us next month!

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