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Serve Teams Descriptions

Host Team 
Description:  The first people that greet and welcome people as they drive up and walk in to cfParis. (ex. Parking Lot Crew, Door Greeters, Coffee Team, Ushers, Info Table)
Requirements: Friendly attitude, genuine care and love for people, ability to “shake off” a bad morning.

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Description:  Lead, teach or host cfCommunity groups and DNA groups. (ex. Bible/Book Studies, cfMen, cfWomen, Discipleship, Sunday School)
Requirements: Commitment to following Jesus. Desire to facilitate, direct and pour into a few people, a desire to bring people together.


Description:  Operate our various computer and technical equipment. (ex. Audio/Sound, Video/Lyrics, Web/Social)
Requirements:  Have a general knack for and understanding of tech—computers, sound boards, video projection, etc.


Description:  Use your musical or theatrical talent, creativity  and heart for God to help others connect with God through the arts.
Requirements:  A desire to lead people in worship or inspire others through the arts and have a developed musical/theatrical ability.


Kids Ministry
Description:  All things cfKids! (Use your love for God to inspire kids to love God.  (Infants, Toddlers, Littles 3-5, Kids 1st-4th, VBX)
Requirement:  Friendly attitude, genuine care and love for kids.  Complete a background check.


Students Ministry
Description:   All things Pre-teens and Teenagers! (ex. 5th-6th, Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers)
Requirement:  Friendly attitude, genuine care and love for teens.
   Complete a background check.


Outreach Team
Description:  Extend cfParis to the community. Needing Summer Feeding Program Volunteers (ex. Downtown Food Pantry, Summer Feeding Program, Spirit of Giving, Missions Trips, Sport Teams, Student Mentors, City Square, Keep Paris Beautiful, Boys and Girls' Club, etc.)
Requirement:  Ability to work as a team and the ability to work well with others. Have a desire to be in the community.


Cares Team
Description: Cook and show compassion towards others. (ex. organizing meals for families during births, surgeries, funerals, etc., hospital visitation, home visits, food for cfEvents and community events)
Requirements:  Desire to serve people, willingness to pray and visit with people, attitude of compassion.


Prayer Team
Descriptions:  (ex. Prayers 4 Students, General Prayer Groups, Praying for People after Service)
Requirements:  Have a commitment to pray or lead prayer and ability maintain confidentiality.