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Serving one another is not about just checking a box or filling a spot.  Joining a Serve Team is about building relationships and strengthening community.  


Serving is how we live out "the Jesus way."  Singing songs and listening to sermons help our brains; but serving shapes our hearts.  If we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and if we are to love our neighbor as ourselves like God commands, then we must engage in serving others.  Sometimes what our soul needs most is not another memory verse or sermon point, but rather a consistent dose of serving others. 

Here are some areas where you may want to serve:

Host Team

As a Host Team member you help make sure that each person that enters our property has a joyful, friendly and loving experience. From directing traffic in the parking lot to warmly greeting people at the door, host team is the face of cfParis.  Other areas of serving within the Host Team are:

-making, preparing and serving donuts and coffee

-helping others find seats

-making sure others have a seat by setting up and tearing down chairs

-answering questions and showing guests where to go and what to do

CLICK HERE for Host Team Info Packet

Next Gen

Whether you serve babies, kids or teens, as a Next Get team member you get to help make sure our faith and the love of Jesus does not end with us.  We get to pass on the torch to the next generation. We have the privilege of helping kids learn to love God, and that will influence their future in a positive way. When kids love God, it leads to better choices. When kids love God, it leads to stronger relationships. When kids love God, it leads to a deeper faith.  Hold a baby and sing a Jesus song over them, wrangle and laugh with an preK-er or elementary kid, or hangout and discuss faith with a teen. No matter what area of Next Gen you serve, you can be another safe adult in their lives. 



As a worship team member you get to use your musical talent serve others by setting the atmosphere for corporate worship and celebration of God through Jesus.  If you can sing, you can be a part of the background vocals or choir. If you are well versed in an instrument you can join the rest of the band in playing those melodies that get us all singing. Or perhaps you prefer to be the person in the background operating the sound boards.  If you have a bit of technical aptitude and an ear for music mixing sound for cfParis live and streaming services is a great place for you. 



Someone has to click the buttons. We all need those lyrics so we can sing along.  It is nice to have those points and scriptures on the screen so we can follow along. And our live stream and Facebook posts don’t create themselves.  If you have an aptitude for clicking buttons (even a little one) then the Media team is a good fit for you.



cfParis is more than just Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights.  Prayer team meets every Sunday morning before service to pray over our church body and our community’s needs.  Prayer requested can be collected through out the week for the team to pray over.  We have a Cares team that sends out sympathy and thinking of you cards. We also have a few people who visit with those who are home bound or in hospital care.  We have a meal crew that organizes meals for those in bereavement. We also have a meal crew that cooks food for students on Wednesday nights. If any of these perked your interest, Outreach team is a good fit for you.

As you consider a Serve Team we want to leave you with one last thought:  If you join a team you are not forever cemented in to that team.  We just ask that you try it for a time period to see if it is a good fit.  At the beginning of each year we give all our volunteers opportunity to make a change.  And it’s ok to take a reprieve for a season, just don’t forget to resume serving others somewhere.  As Jesus followers we have His perfect example to follow:


 Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,

and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,

but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:43-45 NLT

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