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MS Leaders Checklist

  1. READ: Series Overview (PDF under video)

  2. WATCH: Series Overview

  3. WATCH: This week's video

  4. READ: Lead Small App Material

  5. READ: Tribe XPs


Each week, your TRIBE will complete an XP to help students experience God’s truth in engaging, tangible ways.


#1: Brainstorm 10 things that are the most tempting for middle schoolers and write each temptation on its own notecard. Together, students rank the cards by putting the most tempting at the top and the least tempting at the bottom. They’ll discuss and debate as they do this.


#2: Tribes will complete the YouVersion plan for this week together. Read and discuss the first prompt during group time, and then continue the conversation by reading and discussing in the app throughout the week.


#1: To help everyone remember what God says is true about them when they’re tempted, go around to each student and have them say, “God created me. God knows me. God loves me.”


#2: Students will take home the provided prayer sheet (see pdf below video) and use it to pray anytime they face temptation.


Read the provided prayer guide (see pdf below video) out loud to your few. Pause when prompted for students to think about and pray for specific areas in their lives.

Students will fill in the blanks on the provided letter (see pdf below video). They’ll save the letter for when they give into temptation or mess up in the future.

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