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week 9 - Bible Project Video class

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The wonderful story of Ruth. A deeper look at God's "khesed." And we trace the theme of "Messiah" through the story of the Bible.

That's Week 9 of our class together. Hope you're enjoying it!

Please leave me your thoughts or questions, and thanks for joining our journey through Scripture together.

Book of the Week - RUTH

The book of Ruth illustrates how God is at work in the ordinary and mundane details of life.


loyal love

Khesed is a difficult word to translate. It describes a relational and active love that God has for his people. Learn more in this video.

theme of the week - messiah

The mysterious promise on page three of the Bible promises a deliverer would one day come to confront evil and rescue humanity. We trace this theme through the family of Abraham, and ultimately to Jesus who defeated evil by letting it defeat him.

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