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Mother's Day Readiness

We know its a bit early but if we are going to give you a prompt that is actually helpful, early is good. We have to account for shipping after all ;). Taking time to honor someone is always a good idea. Honoring others above ourselves is a top tier practice for followers of Jesus. We like to think of it as practicing unselfishness. So who in your life is a mother or motherly to you and how will you honor her this May 9th?

Here is a practical gift guide we got from Parent Cue this week. Parent Cue is a blog that gives tips and cues for raising kids. The Parent Cue App syncs with the scope and cycle our kids and students' curriculum. You can download the app for free from your app store then search for cfParis.

Now for the practical gift guide:

Moms, they work so hard and put so much time, energy, focus, and love into raising great kids. Let’s be honest, though, sometimes all that love and care can go unnoticed. Not because we don’t mean it, but because life gets busy.

So, this year we wanted to make things easier on you. We put together a list of great (and budget-friendly) gifts to let the moms in your life know how wonderful they are. Because it’s not money that makes moms feel celebrated, it’s thoughtfulness.

P.S. If you’re a mom reading this, forward the email on to the “gift-buyer” in your world or go on and treat yourself, you’ve earned it!

Gold Birds, $12.99

Bath Bombs, $25.80

Room Spray, $19.00

Cooler Bag, $49.50

Echo Dot, $59.99

Kindle, $89.99

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