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Week 10 - Bible Project Video class

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Happy Spring Break Week! (Unless you found this post early -- I posted ahead of time in case class members wanted to watch before they went on Spring Break!) Grab a Coke or a cup of coffee wherever you are and let's spend some time enjoying this week's videos together.

This week we'll look at one whole book that's divided into two books in our Bibles -- the book(s) of Samuel. Then we will wrap up our series on the Character of God with a look at what it means for us that God is faithful.

Leave me your thoughts and questions below, and thanks for joining us!

Book of the Week - 1 samuel

As part 1 of the whole book, the book of 1 Samuel unfolds a unique drama in which one follows the hopes, humility, and pride of its key characters.

Book of the Week - 2 samuel

Through the example of David's life after Saul, the book of 2 Samuel reveals the successes and failures that any individual experiences, including kings.



Emet is a word meaning “faithfulness” or “truth,” and it’s used throughout the Bible to describe God. Watch this video to see how God is full of emet.

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