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Week 15 - Bible Project Video class

The book of Psalms is a favorite for many people and many reasons, but how does it fit into the Bible's overall unified story that leads to Jesus? This week we look at an overview of the Psalms, as well as a study of how to read them. In addition we'll explore the important (and often overlooked) idea of the Sabbath as presented in Scripture.

So take some time out of your week to spend growing in the Word, and enjoy!

Book of the Week - Psalms

The book of Psalms is an intricately designed collection of poetry that recounts Israel's history and God's covenant promises.

Theme of the week - sabbath

What is the Sabbath? Explore the biblical concepts of seventh day rest and Sabbath and see how modern Christians can adopt this important practice.

Study of the Week - HTRB: Psalms

When we take the time to learn how to read biblical poetry well, it can bring the entire story of the Bible into clearer focus.

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