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What's Next? 4 things to Know

Fall is quickly approaching so I wanted you to know a few things as we return to another wonderful season in our community.

1. Teacher Supply Closet available. Teachers check it out.

We have a great stock of classroom supplies for all you teachers for FREE!

  • Expo markers, Sharpies, Colored Pencils, Pencils & Crayons

  • Antibacterial hand wipes & Hand Sanitizer

  • Clear, reusable Water Bottles

  • Erasers, Glue Sticks, Post-it Notes and Construction Paper

Text SUPPLIES to 844-606-0929. We will reply with a link, tell us what you need in the comments. You can also visit the supply closet on Sunday at our worship service.

2. Next Gen Volunteer Kickoff happening on Sunday, August 15th. Set aside the time. Plan to attend.

School starting back up means we have a new year of Next Gen ministry beginning. Now is a great time to engage your faith with action by volunteering in one of our Next Gen areas. Come to the Volunteer Kickoff directly after church on Sunday, August 15th from 11:30 to 1:30. The Kickoff will start by explaining the overall vision of our ministry to babies through 12th graders. (While we share a meal together. That's right, lunch will be provided:-) After the main session each area will have a breakout to further explain the strategy each area employs to reach a generation for Jesus. The breakout sessions are also a great way to dial in how you can get involved in a specific Next Gen area. The breakouts will include cfLittles (0 - Pre-K), cfKids (Kinder - 4th) and cfStudents (56 & 6th - 12th).

Text KICKOFF to 844-606-0929 to let us know you are coming.

3. Level Up Happened Last Sunday. Grab your phase cards.

Level Up Sunday is the term we use to note that our Next Gen has moved up a grade. If they were in Kinder in May we have moved them up to the 1st grade group in cfKids. If they were in 5th grade, they are still apart of the Sunday morning 56 class but are also eligible to attend cfStudents on Wednesday nights. Let us know if you have any questions. Email Pastor Brandon:

We have available a Phase Chard resource. It explains the development phase a child is in and provides some tips on how parents can adjust to help their children through the phase. For Example, the sixth grade phase card says this:

Sixth grade is the phase when there's never enough pizza, too many hormones, and a dramatic kid who needs someone to prove they care.
Middle School is a crisis. No longer a child, sixth graders arrive in a new social context just in time for their bodies to outgrow their coordination, for hormones to kick in, and for their brains to become a tangle of new synapses.
Every sixth grader wants to know, Who do I like? So, your role as a parent is to affirm their personal journey.

Be sure to pick up a phase card for your child's phase at cfKids on Sunday. You can also download the free Parent Cue App and connect with our programing there. Just search for cfParis once you open the app.

Text PHASE to 844-606-0929 to request your Phase Card. Follow the link we send you and put the grade of your kid(s) in the comments.

4. Fall Community Groups will be starting soon. Decide to attend or host one.

If you are interested in hosting a bible study, interest group, prayer group or fellowship group contact Pastor G. Even before COVID, home groups and small groups were essential. Now, more than ever, they are a back bone of Christian community. This may just be your year to engage in God's purposes for your life via a cfCommunity! Email Greg at

Interested in leading a group? Text LEAD to 844-606-0929

Interested in attending a group? Text ATTEND to 844-606-0929

That's it for this post! Have a great week. We are looking forward to seeing you at our worship gatherings online or in-person on Sundays at 10am or on demand any other time at

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