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Week 18 - Bible Project Video class

Who's up for some Hebrew love poetry? This week we'll take a fresh look at a book of the Bible that's often ignored or misunderstood -- the Song of Songs (you may call it Song of Solomon). Then we'll get some insight into how to read and comprehend the books of Solomon; and finally a look at a difficult but important theme throughout Scripture to consider the question: Does God test us?

(Apologies for the late post this week, everyone. My computer died and I had to purchase a new one to get myself up and going again.)

Book of the Week -

Song of Songs

Song of Songs is Hebrew love poetry that depicts the beauty and mystery of sexual love within the context of marriage, one of God's gifts to humanity.

Study of the Week -HTRB:

the books of solomon

Dive into the books of Israel’s wisest king, King Solomon. There is so much to discover about how to live wisely and honor God.

theme of the week -

the test

Does God test people? Trace the repeated theme of testing in the Bible and see how God determines the loyalty and trust of his covenant partners.

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