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Week 19 - Bible Project Video class

The prophets of Scripture were not fortune tellers, but Israelites who had a radical encounter with God's presence and then were commissioned to speak on His behalf. This week our journey embarks with the Old Testament prophets, starting with Isaiah. We've also got a study on reading the prophets to help you better understand and enjoy this portion of the Bible. Have a great week!

Book of the Week - part 1

isaiah 1-39

The book of Isaiah outlines Israel and the nations' coming judgment while pointing to the future hope of a new covenant and the coming Messiah.

Book of the Week - part 2

isaiah 40-66

study of the week - HTRB:

the prophets

Reading the biblical prophets can be confusing. But there’s so much to discover when we learn to read these books with attention and context.

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