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Week 21 - Bible Project Video class

Our look at the prophets continues in Lamentations this week. Then we look at a new biblical theme of the Royal Priest: What is God’s ideal calling for humans? God calls all humans to be royal priests, representing his character and presence to the world. Hope you enjoy these!

Book of the Week - lamentations

This collection of poems captures Israel's expression of grief in the chaotic aftermath of their exile and Jerusalem's destruction.

Theme of the Week - part 1

Royal Priests of Eden

Did you know that Israel’s tabernacle was designed as a symbolic garden of Eden? And did you know that Adam and Eve were proto-priests who lived and worked in the sacred space? Explore God’s plan for humanity to serve as royal priests over all creation.

theme of the week - part 2

abraham and melchizedek

Melchizedek is a curious biblical character, first introduced in the story of Abraham. See how he sets our expectations for the coming royal priest.

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