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Week 26 - Bible Project Video class

This week -- a fresh look at the Bible's most famous "fish story" in the unique prophetic book of Jonah. As well we'll outline the book of Micah, and also break down the biblical understanding of the heart with another video on the Shema. Have a great week!

Word Study - shema series

Part 4 - "lev/heart"

How did the biblical authors understand the heart? Explore the Hebrew word for heart in the context of the ancient Hebrew prayer, the Shema.

book of the Week - jonah

Through satire and intricate storytelling, the book of Jonah invites readers to consider God's compassion and mercy that extends to us and our enemies.

book of the week - micah

Micah describes God's coming judgment on Israel, but it also outlines God's promise to be merciful and restore his people to the land.

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