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Week 32 - Bible Project Video Class

This week we overview the unique Gospel account as written by Mark, take a refresher course on the deep meaning of the term "gospel" (or "euangelion" in the Greek), and finish up by exploring what Jesus and many others meant when He was referred to as "the Son of Man." Hope you enjoy it!

Book of the Week - Mark

The Gospel of Mark introduces Jesus as a leader who suffers to save his people, leaving the reader to decide if Jesus is the promised Messiah.

Study of the week - "Euangelion" or "Gospel"

What does the word Gospel mean? Learn more in this video as we explore the meaning of this word in the biblical Greek.

Theme of the week -

Son of Man

Jesus often referred to himself as the Son of Man. But what does this mean? Explore this fascinating phrase to see its significance.

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