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Week 34 - Bible Project Video Class

The Gospel of John gives an account of Jesus' life from one of his closest followers, "the disciple whom Jesus loved." We'll take a look at this brilliant work in two sections, followed by an interesting study on the biblical theme of the "water of life" and how it traces throughout the Scripture. Enjoy!

Book of the Week, part 1 -

John, 1-12

John's Gospel emphasizes Jesus' identity as the Messiah and Son of God, one who performs miracles and gives eternal life to all who believe in him. He is God incarnate and the reality to which the entire biblical story points.

Book of the Week, part 2 - John, 13-21

Explore the second part of John's Gospel account, a radical declaration of Jesus' identity as the long awaited Messiah and the Son of God.

Theme of the Week -

Water of Life

The water of life theme begins in the garden and continues through the biblical story, ultimately reaching its climax in Jesus.

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