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Week 35 - Bible Project Video Class

The Book of Acts is the second part of a two-book work by the same author often referred to as "Luke-Acts." In it we'll see how the Church grew and diversified throughout the known world at that time. Our theme study this week is the Holy Spirit, whose presence and power is seen clearly throughout the story in Acts.

Book of the Week, part 1 -

acts, 1-12

The book of Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke, following Jesus’ followers as they go into the world to spread the good news of his Kingdom.

Book of the Week, part 2 - acts, 13-28

Explore the second half of the book of Acts, where we see how the multi-ethnic Church grew through missionary journeys across the ancient world.

Theme of the Week -

Water of Life

The Holy Spirit is God's personal presence, but what does that mean? How does God plan to change the entire world through his Spirit?

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