Week 46 - Bible Project Video Class

I'm very excited this week to begin one of my favorite series, the Advent Words study! We'll examine the biblical themes of hope, peace, love and joy as found in the anticipation and arrival of Jesus. The book of Hebrews is our overview this week, and we'll dig a little deeper into the idea of Jesus as our royal priest.

Book of the Week - hebrews

The book of Hebrews compares and contrasts Jesus to key historical people and events from the Hebrew Bible. Through these comparisons, we see his superiority. He is greater than the angels, the Torah, Moses, the promised land, earthly priests, sacrifices, and the covenant. He is the hope for a new creation, our eternal priest, and the perfect sacrifice.

theme of the Week -

Jesus the royal priest

In this video, we’ll explore how Jesus is the ultimate priest king who invites us back into Eden and our role as God’s royal priests.

word study - advent words #1

"Yakhal" / Hope

It can be difficult to feel hopeful. But biblical hope means trusting in God's character and choosing hope despite our circumstances.

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