Week 48 - Bible Project Video Class

Welcome to Week 48 (only 3 weeks left!). We'll take an overview of both letters from the apostle Peter with encouragement to the believers of his day and ours. Then we'll continue our Advent Word study and gain a fresh understanding of "agape" (or love) as seen in the life of Jesus Himself.

Book of the Week - 1 peter

1 Peter is a powerful letter written to persecuted Gentile Christians, reminding them that they are chosen by God and have a future hope in Jesus.

Book of the Week - 2 peter

2 Peter is an intense, passionate farewell speech addressed to the same messianic church communities as 1 Peter. In the book, Peter challenges Jesus' followers to continue growing in their faith, love, and service to God and be ready for Jesus' return.

word study - advent words #3

"agape" / love

Biblical love refers to more than just a feeling. It's about caring for someone regardless of their response, and it's modeled perfectly by Jesus.

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