Week 49 - Bible Project Video Class

Chara to the world, the Lord has come! This week in our final Advent word study, we'll explore the biblical meaning of the word "chara" or joy. We'll also cram FOUR books of the Bible into just two overview videos! We're just a couple weeks away from the end of 2021 and the end of our online journey through Scripture together. Be sure to take time and enjoy the season!

Book(s) of the Week - 1-3 John

John calls followers of Jesus to share in God's own life and love by devoting themselves to loving one another. Each book also addresses deceivers and teachers who no longer acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah or Son of God. They are instead spreading fear and division among Jesus’ followers. John says that all legitimate teachers will share the truth about Jesus and the cross, love others sacrificially, and spread love and light rather than fear. He also reminds believers to welcome true missionaries who teach the message of the cross and love others., and not to welcome deceivers or make idols of anything that exalts itself in God's place.

Book of the Week - Jude

The book of Jude refutes corrupt teachers and encourages godly living, reminding Jesus followers that their lives indicate what they truly believe.

word study - advent words #4 "chara" / Joy

Biblical joy is more than a happy feeling. It's a lasting emotion that comes from the choice to trust that God will fulfill his promises.

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