Week 14 - Bible Project Video class

This week we're taking a deep dive into darker waters, as we examine the book of Job from two different angles; first, as an overview of its part in the bigger story of God, and then as part of a special series of Bible books known together as the Wisdom Literature.

We're also going to learn about how to better read and understand biblical poetry, which actually makes up 1/3 of all of Scripture. Hope you enjoy it!

Book of the Week - job

The book of Job questions suffering and God's justice. God's response is surprising, pointing to his control over chaos and ultimate goodness.

wisdom literature - job

How do you trust God when life isn’t fair and good people suffer? See the surprising answer to this question in the book of Job.

Study of the Week - HTRB: biblical poetry

Did you know a third of the Bible is written in poetry? Explore the unique characteristics of biblical poetry and how to read it well.

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