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Week 25 - Bible Project Video class

Do you know which is the shortest book of the Old Testament? (Here's a hint -- we'll look at it this week!) We'll also look again at the Shema to consider exactly what it means when God's people are called to "love the Lord their God."

Word Study - shema series

Part 3 - "ahavah/love"

Explore the ways the biblical authors used the word love, and how they depicted God as the ultimate source and goal of all human love.

book of the Week - Amos

God calls a Judean shepherd named Amos to confront the wrongdoing of the people of Israel, offering them one more chance before facing God's judgement.

book of the week - obadiah

Obadiah tells of God's harsh judgment against Edom and other ungodly nations. It's a sobering picture that is still relevant today.

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