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Week 27 - Bible Project Video class

You'll likely be surprised this week as we explore the Hebrew word for "soul" in the Shema -- it may even change the way you read much of Scripture! Overviews of Nahum and Habakkuk will be our look at the prophets this week as we draw closer to completing our study of the entire Old Testament. You're doing great!

Word Study - shema series

Part 5 - "nephesh/soul"

Explore the surprising meaning of the Hebrew word nephesh. It's often translated as "soul;" but the biblical meaning goes much deeper.

book of the Week - nahum

Nahum announces the destruction of Assyria and reveals that God will protect his faithful people and punish all arrogant, violent, and evil nations.

book of the week - habakkuk

Habakkuk offers hope by recognizing how dark and chaotic the world is and inviting us to trust that God will one day remove evil forever.

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