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Week 30 - Bible Project Video class

Who's ready to get into the New Testament? This week we'll start with an overview of the NT in its entirety, as well as a study of how to better understand and enjoy the four Gospel books. Finally, we'll take a look at the theme of the Gospel itself -- the radical centerpiece of God's plan for not only our salvation, but our whole lives as well. Let's get started!

Book of the Week -

new Testament overview

The New Testament is a continuation of the biblical story introduced in the Old Testament, telling the story of the long awaited Messiah, Jesus.

Study of the Week - HTRB:

the gospel

Why are there four Gospel accounts in the Bible? Aren’t they all telling the same story? The answer may surprise you.

theme of the week -

gospel of the kingdom

What is the good news of the Gospel? Jesus' arrival on Earth was a royal announcement. He was there to establish God's Kingdom and change everything.

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