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Week 31 - Bible Project Video class

Our study of New Testament books kicks off with Matthew (of course!) in two parts. Plus, if you're like me and you've ever struggled with understanding the many parables Jesus often told, you'll enjoy the How To Read The Bible study on them this week. Enjoy this journey through the life of Jesus through the eyes of Matthew!

Book of the Week - Part 1:

matthew 1-13

The Gospel of Matthew tells the story of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection as a fulfillment of the whole biblical story.

book of the Week - part 2:

matthew 14-28

Explore the second half of Matthew's Gospel account, where Jesus models servant leadership and fulfills God's promises to Israel.

study of the week - HTRB:

the parables of jesus

Study the main themes in Jesus' parables and see why he used them as the primary vehicle for his message.

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