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Week 41 - Bible Project Video Class

Week 41 takes a fascinating look at another "bad word" of the Bible - pesha (or "transgression"), and how understanding the true meaning of this term can unlock a new level of appreciation for God's grace in our lives. Philippians is our NT overview, and our series on spiritual beings focuses on the Angel of the Lord. Really interesting stuff!

Book of the Week - philippians

Paul explains to the persecuted church at Philippi that living as a Christian means seeing our own story as a living expression of Jesus' story. Paul calls the people to imitate Jesus’ way of life, so that even in their suffering, they can find contentment and purpose through his example.

study of the Week -

bad words: pesha ("transgression")

"Transgression" is one of those Bible words that seems clear until you have to explain it to somebody. In this video, we'll explore the fascinating and sophisticated meaning of this biblical "bad word." Get ready for a sobering reflection on human nature.

theme of the Week -

spiritual beings series:

angel of the lord

The Angel of the Lord is one of the most fascinating spiritual beings in the Hebrew Scriptures. Every time this figure appears, he’s depicted as if he is God, but also an angel sent by God. In this video, we explore this paradoxical character and discover how he prepares us for the grand claims that will be made about Jesus in the New Testament.

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